About Us

About Hobart Hot Water

When your water heater does not work anymore, it means no more hot dishwasher cycles, high-temp laundry cycles, or warm showers. At Hobart Hot Water Services, your comfort is our priority, and it means the world a lot to us. With this, we provide all home and business owners all over Hobart and nearby areas with trusted water heater services. Whether you need help with repairing, maintaining, or installing your water heater, our team of certified experts is ready to help.

Here at Hobart Hot Water Specialists , our team of experts is skilled, experienced, and passionate about all tasks related to water heating and plumbing. Our company makes sure that our employees get competent training in new water heater technology and repair methods to see to it you get the premium quality services. Whenever you need help or advise concerning your water heater, give our team a call. We will be more tha happy to provide you detailed and effective explanation and solutions to address the problems, and these:


Putting You Back on Your Feet

Our main objective is to help you get back into your routine as soon as possible. However, this does not necessarily mean that we’ll compromise the quality of work done in the name of getting the work done quickly. We do fast and we do it right – all the time!


Quality and Efficient Solutions

With us, you no longer have to worry about having the same plumbing troubles happening in the future because we never take shortcuts that may affect the total quality of our work. By getting our services, you will surely make the best choice.

Customer Value is Our Top Priority

Our company values our customers highly. On our end, we offer the best customer solutions centered on giving fast results, and so, we set up our plumbing firm with the aim of improving the lives of the Australian people. We always make sure that we assist our clients in the most accurate way.