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Hot Water Installation

If you hate cold showers, and if you want to save money on your electricity bill at the same time, then it may be time for a new hot water system. But in order to maximise the benefits of a new cost and energy-efficient system, you’ll need the experts to have it installed properly.

A water heater system that is not installed the right way can lead to water damage, hot temperatures, or even a fire outbreak. For that reason, the installation is best left to professional plumbers who understand the complications of your plumbing system. We cater to the needs of residential and commercial property owners all across the South Coast Region of NSW in towns like Nowra, Bundee and Mundamia.

Our hot water installation and repair services include:

  • Gas Water Heater Installation
  • Electric Water Heater Installation

Why Choose Illawarra Hot Water & Plumbing Specialists to service and install Your Hot Water System?

  • We work with all hot water heaters of all brands and variations;
  • Compliance with building and industry codes, local laws, and regulations;
  • Correct routing of pipes to avoid issues with water pressure;
  • Expert plumbers that ensure the water heater has the proper venting;
  • Installation of hot-water-circulating systems;

At Illarrawa Hot Water and Plumbing Specialists, our professionals strongly recommend you to never attempt to install a tank on your own with no prior experience. While the videos may appear ideal, there are many issues that could go wrong if you are not using the right tools or have technical experience, and here are more reasons why:

  • Adherence to NSW Regulations

Any heater installations and repairs should always be compatible with certain laws and codes so as to be performed properly and avoid problems in the future. Building codes are rules that always get modified and change as regards the duty and process. Otherwise, both the installer and also the resident might be in danger for issues of safety, as well as legal issues. Our team from Illarrawa Hot Water & Plumbing Specialists can guarantee that everyone the local codes and laws concerning installation processes are taken in.

  • Reduce Risk of Future Problems

You don’t want to cope with frequent storage tank repairs just in case if your storage tank wasn’t installed right the very first time. Professional installation ensures that everyone the insulation, pipes, and valves are connected properly.

  • Long-Lasting Tank

A properly installed warmer will operate more efficiently and have an extended lifespan, preventing a premature hot-water heater replacement.

  • Safer Place and Environment

Gas water heaters use a relentless flow of gas and just in case of an improperly sealed connection that gas will gradually leak into your home, causing extreme risk. And also if the area isn’t properly vented, gas can accumulate over time and you won’t even see it! It’s sort of a time bomb waiting to explode. All it takes may be a small spark and a dangerous thing could happen.

Never try the installation by yourself most especially if you’ve got a gas-operated heater. Gas water heaters must only be installed by specialists to confirm that each connection is properly sealed, and that there are accurate venting systems.

  • Protection Against Leaks

An improperly installed tank is susceptible to leaks and potential flooding within the future and mold spreading.

  • Advised by The Certified Plumbers and Technicians

An installing expert should be ready to offer you recommendations on how you’ll practice preventative maintenance for your hot-water tank. you’ll ask him questions associated with the care and maintenance of your unit so everything remains safe and so as. He may also advise you on the correct size of your hot-water tank unit that may suit all of your family needs.